Relaxation of Covid Restrictions

The Government finally relaxed most of the Covid restrictions on 19 July, and although the virus hasn't gone away, the social distancing regulations have now been replaced with personal responsibility to be cautious and to consider our own safety and that of others with whom we come into contact.


With this in mind, the Village Hall committee have now removed the capacity constraints that we introduced in 2020, and the hall is now fully reopened. The one-way system is also removed, along with the one person at a time rule for the toilets.

For the time being we will leave the hand sanitisers in place so that visitors can use them if they choose to do so. The QR code poster will also remain, so that visitors can use their smartphone to register on the NHS-Covid app for test and trace purposes.

We have no illusions that this puts thing back to normal and whereas the hall committee will do everything within their power to ensure a safe environment is maintained, it is up to each group organiser and individual hall user to ensure they are comfortable with the personal Covid-19 precautions they are taking.